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Automated Data Security and Governance Controls

SANS Webcast

Where is the riskiest place on Earth?
Your cloud data stores. 

Attend this SANS webinar to learn how you can reduce your MTTD from 200+ days to 2 hours

Data is changing faster and becoming more complex and more difficult to manage due to the rapid adoption of cloud environments. Security and compliance teams can’t keep up with the pace of the cloud, leaving data undiscovered and therefore unprotected. That’s why your cloud data stores are essentially the riskiest place on earth.

Attend this SANS hosted webinar to learn how you can:

  • Reduce your mean time to detection of a data breach from 200+ days down to 2 hours,

  • Reduce the number of data security false positives by 90%,

  • Improve efficiencies by 75% from higher fidelity data classification, and

  • Become a data enabler by giving broader access to more data for improved business value.

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