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Automated Data Security and Governance Controls

DataGovOps: Fixing the Broken Promise of Data Governance

DataGovOps: Fixing the Broken Promise of Data Governance

Data Governance is tough.

For many organizations, Data Governance consists of:

  • A cross functional team that meets occasionally to review access control policies,
  • A set of access control lists, and
  • Occasional sensitive data and access control audits that are tedious and time-consuming.

But for most organizations, that means data isn't really being governed at all.  Data Governance is really a series of broken promises. 

Download this white paper now to learn:

  • What are the goals of data governance
  • How organizations typically approach data governance
  • Concrete examples of how and when typical data governance programs fail
  • How a DataGovOps program can help you continuously govern data at scale and fix the broken promise of data governance.

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