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Define the Next Era of Data Security

The Data Security Creative Council (DSCC) is a vibrant and collaborative community at the forefront of data security excellence. Our mission is clear: to advance the field of data security through the power of collective expertise, creativity, and innovation.

If you're passionate about data security and share our values of collaboration, respect professionalism, and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to join the Data Security Creative Council. Together, we'll shape the future of data security and strengthen our collective defenses against emerging threats.

Benefits of Joining

  • Engage with Industry Leaders: Connect and engage with top industry professionals, including CISOs, CTOs, and cybersecurity experts.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to exclusive webinars, podcasts, workshops, and resources that provide valuable insights and expertise.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network through virtual meetups, discussions, and collaborative initiatives.
  • Stay Informed: Receive regular updates on the latest trends, news, and events in the field of data security.

Welcome to a community where innovation and security converge, and where we collectively drive progress in data security.

Our Commitment

At DSCC, we are dedicated to creating a thriving ecosystem where data security professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts converge. Our community is founded on the principles of:


We understand that the most robust data security solutions arise from the collective intelligence of a diverse group of professionals. Through collaboration, we tackle complex challenges together.


In our community, respect is paramount. We value and celebrate the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that our members bring. Mutual respect fosters an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels heard and valued.


Upholding the highest standards of professionalism is non-negotiable. Our members maintain a professional tone in all interactions, ensuring that discussions are productive and respectful.


We are committed to excellence in data security. Our discussions, events, and workshops are curated to provide the latest insights, strategies, and best practices, enabling our members to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape

Data Security Topics

Our community is a hub for discussions on a wide array of data security topics. From data protection and privacy to threat detection and incident response, we explore the most pressing issues in the field.

Events and Webinars

DSCC hosts regular virtual meetups, webinars, and our annual summit. These events feature leading experts, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities for our members.


We organize hands-on workshops, allowing members to gain practical skills in data security practices, threat mitigation, and more


Mel Reyes

Global CIO & CISO

Jim Rutt

The Dana Foundation

Bill Dougherty

Omada Health

Selim Aissi

Global CISO
Blackhawk Network

Jeff Farinich

New American Funding

Sonali Bhagwat

Sr. Director of Data Governance

Ray Stirbei

Signet Jewelers
Swathi Joshi

Swathi Joshi

VP SaaS Cloud Security
ilan dar

Ilan Dar

CISO and SVP of Technology
Matt King

Matt King

Security and Data Officer
Nish Majmudar

Nish Majmudar

Kaarthick Subramanian

Kaarthick Subramanian

Atlas Systems
Gregory Wilson

Gregory Wilson

Putnam Investments
Jennifer Vancini

Jennifer Vancini

General Partner
Mighty Capital
Mahesh Ayyala

Mahesh Ayyala

CISO and Chief Data Protection Officer
Hidden Road Inc
Leon Ravenna

Leon Ravenna

Rasool Irfan

Rasool Irfan

Cognizant Technology Solutions
Zeena Wright

Zeena Wright

Global Data Governance & Management

Karen Lopez

Data Evangelist
John Sapp

John Sapp

VP, Information Security & CISO
Texas Mutual
Venkat Valleru

Venkat Valleru

Principal Information Security & Compliance Engineer
Bindi Davé

Bindi Dave

Director, Global Security Operations
Navigating Compliance-WhitePaper
Navigating Compliance in a Shifting Regulatory Landscape

Gain deep insights into data compliance featuring expert contributions from the DSCC's leading data and security professionals. This report includes in-depth analyses from Ray Stirbei, CISO at Signet Jewelers, Mahesh Ayyala, CISO and Chief Data Protection Officer at Hidden Road Inc., Sonali Bhagwat, Sr. Director of Data Governance at Adobe, JJeff Farinich, SVP CISO at New American Funding, Karen Lopez, Data Evangelist at InfoAdvisors, and Ilan Dar, CISO and SVP of Technology at AutoFi.

book image
Building Your Executive Dashboard

Exclusive Insights from the Data Security Creative Council's Security Experts including Sonali Bhagwat (Adobe), Swathi Joshi (Oracle), Jim Rutt (Dana Foundation), Jeff Farinich (New American Funding), and Ilan Dar (AutoFi).

Managing Data Risks

An Exec’s Guide to Security and Governance Reporting

Navigating Compliance Mandates in Data Security

Understanding compliance mandates, the obstacles in proving compliance, the tools and processes employed in managing audits, quantifying compliance-related risks, and identifying improvements.

Upcoming Events

AI and Data Cybersecurity  Virtual Workshop

AI and Data Security: Balancing Innovation and Protection

May 2024

Welcome to our interactive virtual workshop focused on the critical intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and data security. Join us to explore how AI is transforming data security practices and what it means for your organization.

Gartner Security Risk Summit

Gartner Security Risk Summit Happy Hour

June 2024

Connect, unwind, and celebrate with fellow Data Security Creative Council (DSCC) at our exclusive Gartner Security Risk Summit Happy Hour event in Maryland.

AI + Cybersecurity Webinar

Unpacking the AI + Cybersecurity Workshop Findings

July 2024

Join us for an illuminating webinar where we delve into the insights and breakthroughs from our recent AI + Cybersecurity virtual workshop. This session is designed for professionals eager to understand the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and how these findings can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Though leadership Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar

August 2024

Join our thought leadership webinar, a dynamic forum designed for forward-thinking professionals. This session is dedicated to exploring innovative ideas, emerging trends, and strategic insights in Data Security. Engage with industry leaders and experts as they share their perspectives on shaping the future of the business landscape.

Blackhat Meetup

Blackhat Happy Hour

August 2024

Connect, unwind, and celebrate with fellow Data Security Creative Council (DSCC) at our exclusive Blackhat Happy Hour event in Las Vegas