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Automated Data Security and Governance Controls

Automating Data Security and Governance Controls for Snowflake Users

Automating Data Security and Governance Controls for Snowflake Users
As you embark on your Snowflake journey, harnessing its incredible potential to transform your data management and analytics, protecting sensitive information becomes even more crucial. Let us introduce Dasera, your trusted ally in fortifying your Snowflake data against security breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

What lies within the covers of this white paper?

  • The might of Snowflake and the imperative of data protection in this data-driven era.
  • The transformation Dasera brings to the Snowflake ecosystem enhances the security and integrity of your data.
  • Understanding organizations' challenges in securing sensitive information and how Dasera’s automated security controls provide a waterproof shield against threats.
  • An exploration of Dasera's key offerings: automated data security, risk detection, mitigation, query analysis, and data-in-use monitoring.
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